Evergreen Yoga
Jean Szmidt
Certified Yoga Instructor and Can-Fit Pro Trainer
Fees & Visit Info


Many health insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine.  Please check your plan or talk to your HR rep at work.

Your visits

Typical first visit is one hour - your case will be reviewed, labs (please bring in your last set of labs, x-rays, etc.) reviewed.  Concern specific or full physical will be done if time permits on first visit or re-scheduled to be done on second visit.

After your case has been assessed a follow-up visit will be scheduled for us to go over your case and present my plan of management and/or treatment(s) for you.



Payment is made on day of visit by either cash, cheque or e-transfer.  No credit or debit is avilable.

Initial visit is 60 minutes and $150.00

Follow-up visits are 20-30 minutes and $60.00

Phone consults or e-mail consults are $35.00 for 15 min.

Home visits - $180.00-$250.00 per hour. 

Paper work, documentation, research will be billed seperately if required. 

 Humber Station Road (near Patterson Side Road), Caledon, Ontario