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Evergreen Yoga
Jean Szmidt
Certified Yoga Instructor and Can-Fit Pro Trainer
Stabilize Your Life...



...to Evergreen Yoga, Fitness and Wellness and our new website.  We offer yoga classes, privates and  personal fitness training in an amazing country setting.  


I am also happy to offer skin care products that are free of any SLS, chemicals and toxins.    Please see our Products page for more information on face cream, body lotions, insect repellants and more. 




Please consider the following suggested protocol for our yoga classes to ensure you and those around

you a successful yoga practice: 
Arrive early, approximately 10 minutes before class. Arriving late for class not only compromises your experience, it also disturbs everyone else.  Honor yourself and fellow classmates and arrive on time.
Turn your cell phone/pager off before entering class.        
Please refrain from wearing heavily-scented perfumes, colognes, lotions, etc.    
Yoga is an inward journey.  Please respect the fact that some students enjoy to meditate before and/or after class and try not to disturb others.
We encourage students to practice a minimum of 3 times per week to experience the profound benefits of Yoga.
Be kind to your body, honor your limits and enjoy yourself!

 Humber Station Road (near Patterson Side Road), Caledon, Ontario