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Jean Szmidt
Certified Yoga Instructor and Can-Fit Pro Trainer


.Perhaps the following generous testimonials will help open the door to your practice...

"I'm always humbled when I receive a testimonial.  It's my "chocolate".  thank you everyone!".....  Jean Szmidt



Good Morning Jean,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do.  You are so generous at sharing your knowledge.   It means a great deal to me and I’m sure all the yoga students.

Your teachings have changed my life and I’m sure others too.  I try to practice most days the breathing and meditations.  But most importantly standing straight and giving me the confidence I need.  I know you are going to say that I do it but your teaching are responsible for showing us how important good posture is.  You have taught me compassion, patience and calmness.  When I look around and realize how lucky I am to have met you, well I can’t say enough.

So know that I have appreciated everything you have taught me.                                                  Kim S., Caledon,


Jean is gifted, knowledgable and educational. She listens and she genuinely cares about your well being. Jean will go above and beyond to offer help in anyway that you require. We have spent time with Jean as a yoga instructor, where she provides effective methods for every type of body; as a host for my daughter's 11th birthday, with a bunch of girls who thoroughly enjoyed having a private yoga and bracelet making session together - through giggles and all seriousness; for advice on assisting a friend suffering from cancer; as well as an amazing resource for my daughter with sleeping issues. Jean had taken her time to spend with my daughter, to teach her techniques in order to relax in mind and body, to aide in falling asleep and remaining asleep, also allowing her to feel more confident at night, and well rested in the morning. Jean is an inspiration with her positive, caring, calming way about her. Her desire and passion to continue learning, and to help others live a healthy and positive life. I am very grateful and honoured to ever have met Jean!             Sincerely, Nadia White (Caledon)

Hello Jean,

I’ve started running again... and it feels so good.  I’ve adjusted my training schedule to accommodate the stretching techniques that you’ve taught me and I am pain free.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the priority of effectively, deep stretching.                        Kim D, Hockley Valley, ON   


"I've always has dry skin on my face and hands and I could never find anything that helped. My girlfriend (A regular customer) suggested Jean's face cream at first and ever since then my skin has been breakout free and doesn't dry out nearly as much. Jean even gave me something to try for my super dry, cracked hands and it's working wonders. Jean really knows what she's talking about when it comes to a cream that does the job. I'd highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from dry cracked, irritated skin. I'll be back for more. Thank you so much."        Mike, Toronto


"I have been going to Evergreen Yoga on and off for about four years now. Jean is extremely knowledgeable about the health and physical needs of the body and mind, which she shares with her yogis at a level we all understand and can relate to within our everyday lives.  Each person is encouraged to push themselves to work to their own potential, whilst being mindful of their personal limitations. When she takes you through a stretch on one side of the body and then tells you to relax and feel the difference from side to side, there truly is a huge difference which makes you realise how good yoga is for your body! She will also tailor a group practice to your requirements; I recently sustained a back injury which had given me acute pain for several weeks. I mentioned this to Jean and she took our ‘Gentler Yoga’ group step-by-step through an hour of stretches that focus on the lower back. Afterwards I was shocked to notice that my back pain was completely cured! And the rest of the group said what a great practice it was for them also. Last week my 15 year old son was doing his stretches for freestyle ski training and I noticed that one of the positions he used was called Reclined Pigeon in yogi terms. I told him this and he refused to believe that my 45 year old body was flexible enough to achieve that complex position, so I got down on the floor beside him and showed him! He was very impressed.  Thank you Jean, for being professional, encouraging, humorous and keeping it relevant."                              Jane S, Caledon      


"Thank You for always enriching my life with your teaching...so much more than the “physical”! My liver & heart are smiling right now Smile Smile!! Your classes are an “oasis” in our busy world, I am slowly learning little things each class...physically, mentally & spiritually.  Just want you to know how much I appreciate & Love your teaching! Your classes are the bright spot in my week Smile. You calm me, guide me, challenge me!              Alex S., Caledon, Dec 2013


"Jean your class is exactly what I've been searching for - it is filled with so much energy!
Thank you for being such an inspirational and dedicated instructor.  Spirituality is such an important part of my life and being able to focus my energy like that is amazing.  Thank you for your patience, guidance, and inspiration in every class.
I am so excited to continue the practice of yoga throughout my life.  Thank You,  Rosy T., Caledon  June 2013

" I have been working with Jean on a core strength program since the beginning of the year, as well as taking her Yin Yoga classes on Mondays.  I'm off on a walking adventure in May and I wanted to be in the best possible shape so that I would enjoy every moment and not succumb to any injuries.  I have one month left before I leave and I feel that I'm going to be ready.  Jean's personal fitness program is fine tuned for my needs and the Yin Yoga helps stretch and decompress, so the two marry very nicely.  I have also noticed a great side benefit from doing all of this training and yoga and that is that I sleep much better at nights.  I used to lie in bed for hours before finally falling asleep and now I hit the pillow and I'm out.  There are definitely many benefits to keeping our bodies and minds in the best possible shape.  I will miss my sessions while away in May and look forward to returning to my routine in June.  Thank you for all of your patience and help Jean...........Barbara K., April 2013

 I have been struggling with a left hip/SI joint imbalance for years and it has progressively gotten worse.  There seemed no cure.  I went to a few classes with Jean at Evergreen and asked her what she recommended. She scanned my posture and noticed that my left foot pointed out. She suggested correcting this on a daily basis when walking and running and doing yoga postures. After a few days, my hip stopped popping and jamming up.  It's been about a month now and I still have to think about correcting but my hip problem is only at about 5% when before it was at a 70%.  So, I thank Jean immensely!!  I even used to teach yoga. Sometimes it takes a great teacher.  Thanks Jean.  Lily F., Caledon May 2010.

I just wanted to mention what a blessing you are to me and how healing each and every one of your yoga classes are to me. I feel like I am leaving the "spa" after every class...like I have just thoroughly pampered myself...so thank you! , Kim N., Caledon, Jan. 2010

Hi Jean, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated taking your yoga classes. It was exactly what i needed at this point in my life - a time for myself that is just mine, a time to reflect on things, and just be in the moment. In fact I don't think I've had one of those in-the-moment experiences for a long time before coming to your classes. it's a wonderful feeling! You also always made my time there enjoyable with your warmth and good spirit. You made it easy to feel welcome there. I didn't get the chance to thank you in person on our last class, and I really wanted to, so thanks from the bottom of my heart....I wish you all of the best with your continuing classes, and should I ever get a chance to continue yoga, Evergreen is definitely the place I will go!!!  All the best,Dana S.,  10/2009

After a knee injury that took a long time to heal, my back was bothering me due to uneven posture for an extended period of time.   Someone recommended for me to try yoga, so I started in Jean's class approximately 9 months ago.  My back has never felt better.   Evergreen Yoga classes have strengthened me both physically and mentally.  Jean's patience and calming effect go a long way in assisting you in accomplishing things you thought you couldn't.  Thanks Jean !!!!!!    Debbie M., Caledon

I should tell you, your class is the best beginner class I have ever been too.  Love the detailed instruction, the promise of growth .......    Jean S., Caledon.

Your new studio is really lovely - you have created such a gorgeous space, both visually and practically, and obviously spent a huge amount of thought on it.  It was a joy to be there last night (some poses less joyful than others.................) and I think we are very fortunate.  And please thank the frogs for their perfect timing.  Its going to be a very enjoyable summer.  Many thanks,Dinah, Caledon

"Jean, I've been taking yoga classes since the 90's and you are the best instructor/teacher/mentor I've had.  Your equanimity in the classroom is inspiring."  Michelle J., Caledon

"As a beginner Jean has encouraged and challenged me just enough to make me want to continue."  Gail M.  Caledon

"Jean has helped me understand that yoga goes way beyond just stretching the body...but into other aspects of life."  Client, Caledon

"Just wanted to say again what a great session that was this morning - really amazing in all it's (our) forms!  There must be something very special about this Vini-sequence because as you know, I have the lower back issue, and I was initially concerned about the twist that we did.  Twists often disagree with me.  This, however was easy even though actually quite demanding, and I have no lower back issue going on at all at this time.  What was there this morning just from everyday life seems quite soothed now too.  For me, that means it's very potent stuff.  Maybe others are feeling the same way." Ulana, Caledon,

"I never expected that attending a weekly yoga class could be so good for me.  I am healthier, stronger and saner for these classes.  The postures and techniques provide physical benefits, and being part of a group practicing together in this serene environment provides a "connectedness" that is spiritually beneficial. Jean, you are a wonder teacher and guide...thank you!"  Maura, Caledon.

"I just wanted to let you know that Brent and I really enjoyed your class yesterday.  He couldn't stop talking about it last night - said he loved all the stretching and he was sore this morning which is a good sign.Helen C., Caledon

"Thanks for your patience, encouragement and professionalism."  Jennifer and Alan W., Caledon

"Hi Jean..just wanted you to know I had a great sleep last night..thanks so much, the meditation was great! Kim N., Palgrave

 "I enjoy your more challenging  - hardass class (Power Yoga)."  Eve, Caledon East.

"Yoga has helped me to look within myself to find my own healing power for both my body and mind.  Stress is now manageable and I can get myself to a calm, non-judgemental spot.  Thanks Jean!"            Kathey K., Caledon

"Yoga has enabled me to continue riding well into my '50's.  My chiro and physicians believe that a regular yoga practice will keep my hip osteoarthritis at bay and allow me to lead a normal, active, riding life!"   Deb L., Caledon

"About three or four weeks ago I came to you for a private Yoga lesson. I meant to email you back sooner and tell you how much i enjoyed it! I wanted to let you know that I've done yoga everyday since that lesson for at least 15 mins, usually more. I've been very very busy and so thats why I have not come back to see you. I just wanted to let you know that in these past few weeks i have seen a dramatic change in myself and I am very pleased as I am able to do more challenging poses and get deeper into the ones you showed me, also i am hurting less and less after my horseback riding which was my original goal.  P.S. My posture is amazing now, and it actually feels more unconfortable to slouch than to sit up straight! Thanks again!"  Kelly B. (Hockley)

I'm sure you're not surprised, but I feel GREAT after that yoga class. Energized (probably due to the warrior poses) and happy and cheerful - probably due to that hand position on the chest at the beginning.  Good on you yoga woman!!!  THANK YOU JEAN JEAN JEAN!!!!,  Eve, Caledon.

I love my class so much and i tell everyone how motivating  and inspirational you are as an instructor.  Your classes  are wonderfully stress relieving, I so look forward to them and they are always different and challenging.  Thanks Jean, I am so glad i tried Yoga with you.   Helga O., Caledon

I felt compelled to e-mail you to let you know how much I enjoyed last night’s class. You have truly found your calling and you are very good at what you do.  The class was amazing.  I felt totally “reset” and as a result, extremely at peace.  I loved the verse you read out.   Sara P., Caledon.

As you so rightly say, no act of kindness is ever wasted.  You have the ability to fill your classes with a aura of kindness and thats why we don't all get competitive with each other, and actually concentrate just on ourselves:  its quite a talent.  Dinah E., Caledon

Let your yoga practice and your senses experience the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside and the healing effect it can have.  Being outdoors connects us back to nature, something we lose during our indoor inexistence.”

Over the past 40 years I have participated in one form of exercise or another including many yoga courses of different disciplines but Jean’s was the first where I actually felt I was doing yoga properly.    She provided individual attention, correct postures and, although she reminded us that we're not to compare ourselves with others, I personally felt that she challenged us individually to work harder and push ourselves further.  Although sometimes exhausting it is also rewarding when you realize you can do that little bit more.   The fact that I highly recommended Jean to three people, all of whom have practiced yoga, and they all highly commended her is evidence to me that Jean is an excellent yoga instructor.Cheri, Caledon

I look forward to my yoga classes with Jean.  Peaceful setting in her home.  Excellent one on one guidance/instruction.  She empowers me to make more time for myself!  Cheryl

Your private instruction (as well as the classes I used to take with you) are well balanced and can be tailored to particular areas of the body and/or mind.  Jean seems to know when she can teach a much more difficult class so that I feel challenged..  Jean pays attention to her students and helps them achieve the poses within their ability and correcting them when necessary.   I am your groupie! Tasha, Hockley Valley

"Hi, Jean ... Thanks for the great class last night. One of the things I enjoy & appreciate about your teaching is that you not only give us what we need physically, but also what we need spiritually. As a result of your teaching last night, today my intention is to breathe in peace and breathe out contentment all day long.  Namaste Anne"   (Mono/Hockley)

I have just recently started yoga classes under the instruction of Jean.  Who knew that for the last year I had been doing the ‘Downward Dog’ incorrectly?  Her limited class size and special attentiveness to the needs and goals of each student is truly wonderful.  Each week, I look forward to this time for me.  Jenn, Caledon

I think Jean’s Yoga classes are wonderful.  I don’t have the fear of injuring myself, which I have done at other courses with other instructors.  She always reminds you of the right positioning and to be aware of what your body is doing.  I feel good at the end of the class and feel I am benefiting in many ways by going to Jean’s yoga classes.  Pat D., Palgrave

When I first started taking yoga, I enjoyed it. When I started doing yoga with Jean, I learned to LOVE it. Jean has helped me find the balance between getting the best out of myself without being competitive in the process. Her instruction is clear. Her classes are fun. Laughter and a sense of humour are encouraged. .  Anne G., Orangeville

Jean is a very conscientious yoga instructor who has the ability to give personal attention even in a large class environment.  She tailors her classes to the needs of her students which is a fantastic ability - every class is different - you never know what you are going to get.  All in all, Jean's classes are a wonderful experience - rejuvenating!  Jean is the best yoga instructor I have ever had!!  Richard, Caledon

I love Jean’s classes!!  I love the atmosphere – one of relaxation and camaraderie!  I enjoy the casual atmosphere of having yoga classes outside or inside her lovely home.  I love that Jean takes a personal interest in each and every one of her students – and our yoga practice.  I love that she stop us when we’re doing something incorrectly – not just to teach us the proper way, but to stop us from hurting ourselves.  And I love that she can demonstrate the differences in the correct & incorrect positions so well.  I feel like I’ve made great friends in her class – so it’s social now, as well as exercise.  And above all, I love the changes in me – both inside & outside.  So I’ll keep coming…I know I could do it at home…but why would I want to?  I have FUN!  And shouldn’t exercise & life be FUN?!  Yoga will now always be a part of my life – and that’s thanks in large part to Jean.  And losing that 30” was thanks in large part (no pun intended!) to Jean too.  Nancy D., Bolton

What is remarkable from the very beginning is how intuitive Jean is. She seem’s to go right into the area that needs work, be it physical or spiritual. I think you are able to pass on the wisdom of your subconscious to help us heal our body and spirit. I like the lead into and out of the physical to the more meditative...I always feel like I have ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING with each session.  LT, Hockley Valley (private client)

"You have the ability to fill your classes with a aura of kindness and thats why we don't all get competitive with each other, and actually concentrate just on ourselves:  its quite a talent."  Dinah (Caledon)


 Humber Station Road (near Patterson Side Road), Caledon, Ontario