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Jean Szmidt
Certified Yoga Instructor and Can-Fit Pro Trainer
Yoga For Cancer Warriors


Yoga for Cancer Warriors is for those newly diagnosed, in treatment, post treatment, gathering strength, thriving or for those loved ones supporting a Warrior.  The sessions are held on a one-on-one basis either in our peaceful Caledon studio or in the comfort and convenience of the client's home.   They are tailored to the individual's needs, objectives and goals.  


Just Google the "benefits of yoga for cancer patients" and you will be kept busy reading for a while.  Let me Coles Notes it for you....

Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Warriors:

Yoga Detoxifies the Body

Yoga Detoxifies the Mind

Yoga Strengthens the Body Safely

Yoga Improves Bone Strength Safely

Yoga Increases Range of Motion and Flexibility

Yoga Stimulates and Strengthens the Immune System

Yoga Emphasizes Posture (affecting Spine and Organs)

Yoga Calms the Nervous System

Yoga Reduces Anxieties

Yoga Boosts Overall Wellbeing

Yoga Enhances Body Image

Yoga Enhances a Sense of Empowerment

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj, which means to join or to yoke together -- body, mind and spirit. When practicing Yoga, you exercise from the inside out. Yoga postures, or asanas, stimulate and balance all the systems of the body including musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and reproductive.

Yogis view the mind and body as one, and that if given the right tools and taken to the right environment can find harmony and heal itself. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. It helps you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement.  It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stressful situation.

Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind and body connection which is now being proven by modern medicine. Substantial research has been conducted to look at the Health Benefits of Yoga - from the Yoga Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) and Meditation.

Results have shown positive effects on a variety of outcomes, including sleep quality, mood, stress, cancer-related distress, cancer-related symptoms and overall quality of life.   i.e.  According to one of the first scientific studies of its kind, women going through treatment for breast cancer felt better when they practiced yoga in a controlled six week program at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Many aspects of yoga practice can benefit patients dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of cancer treatments. Practicing postures helps restore physical function, while breathing exercises relax the body and still the mind. Meditation helps people connect to their spiritual selves as well as reverse the negative effects of stress and assists in acquiring a healthy immune system.

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